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Living Hope is passionate about excellence, not just in worship, but also in art. We believe that God loves beauty as much, if not more, than we do and we love the celebration of beauty and creation seen in good art. The burgeoning local art community is one we want to encourage and facilitate as much as possible; in order to do so we feature different artists each month on our campus. We encourage the sale of each piece as much as possible and do our best to promote each artist on social media and other venues. From surrealism to portraiture, we have already had many excellent and versatile artists display and sell their craft and are excited about more!


Inspired by his father’s artistic talents in oil and watercolors, Steve began drawing in 2014, resuming a long-abandoned pastime enjoyed as a child.  After several months of self-teaching and trial and error, he began receiving requests for his drawings, specializing in custom portraits, animals, and objects.  Steve’s primary medium is graphite pencil on Bristol, occasionally utilizing color as a highlight to his primarily black and white works.  As he continues to grow and improve as an artist, Steve continues to experiment with different styles and subjects.

Originally from Connecticut, Steve has lived in the Atlanta area for 24 years and currently resides in Acworth with his wife Laura and daughters Jennifer and Lindsey.  The Schaefers have been members of Living Hope Church since 2005, where Steve serves as Treasurer.


Kathy was born in Michigan and resides in Acworth, Georgia. She is a  retired educator,  with many years teaching children's art classes. She is currently one of the art instructor here at the Living Hope School of Fine Arts.  


Kathy is a visual 2D artist working in acrylics, drawings in colored pencil, graphite and ink, and photography. 


When asked about her art Kathy had this to say,​ "I can't remember a time I wasn't drawing. Art was always my favorite subject in school. At age 13, I knew I wanted to teach. It has been a blessing to be able to use my gifts in the classroom, community programs, and church."

"Now that I am retired, I find great pleasure in creating art and sharing it with students, family, friends, and visitors to exhibits. My desire is to touch lives by encouraging others to look more closely at the world around us and celebrate its beauty."



Joan is a mother of seven and has a lifelong interest in art along with poetry and creative writing. Her degree is in Fine & Commercial Arts from UC of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Her paintings are mainly in oil, acrylic, pen and ink and mixed media. She is a published poet and has illustrated numerous Children’s books. Main interests are Creative Writing, Bible Study, Book Club, and Water Aerobics and keeping up with an ever growing family.